Test reports//

VISCOTAQ products have been intensively tested by renowned international companies in the oil, gas and water industry as well as international and accredited laboratories all over the world. Moreover at VISCOTAQ’s own laboratories as well as at VISCOTAQ’s own test sites the performance of the material is continuous monitored. VISCOTAQ’s laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art lab instrumentation and at VISCOTAQ’s test facilitates at site different type of pipe materials and substrates are exposed to the most severe ambient conditions which enable us to monitor the corrosion preventive characteristics of VISCOTAQ materials in practice in under and above ground situations under all type of circumstances. 

You may check the button test reports from time to time in order to download the latest test reports available. Moreover we shall be glad to inform you–after decent consultation with our principals in respect to privacy policy-on the results of private company lab and field tests.
Testing was among which performed by Charter Coating Service Laboratories, Calgary, Canada.
Charter Coating is an ISO17025 certified laboratory. Copies of all test reports are available upon requests.



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