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VISCOTAQ products comply with the ISO 21809-3:2016 standard and have been tested and approved by an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. Moreover Viscotaq has been approved for usage by among the following renowned oil and gas companies :

  • Phillips 66 USA
  • BP Alaska USA
  • Shell Global Solutions 
  • Petronas Malaysia
  • Exxon Mobil USA
  • Pemex Mexico
  • Valero Energy USA
  • Kinder Morgan USA
  • Parco Pakistan
  • SNGPL Pakistan
  • Gasco UAE
  • Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia
The unique unrivaled viscous elastic technology, the permanent impermeability to moisture and gases, the permanent wetting conditions of the substrate are unconditional present under all type of circumstances whether it is in arctic conditions near the polar circle or aggressive soil conditions in Subkha areas near the Arab or Persian Gulf. VISCOTAQ has offered a permanent solution to corrosion problems to many pipeline owners. What practice has proven is described in wording:

United States 

“We tested the material for 24 hours with a pressure of 5600 psi. We saw a 100% adhesion and no delamination. We witnessed zero water penetration and witnessed no water underneath the coating.”

United States 

“Viscotaq shows very satisfactory results in respect to the exclusion of moisture and gases. We used to material for one of our projects and witnessed the performance of the material under extreme ambient conditions like a high humidity, regular flooding of the site and aggressive ambient swamp conditions with the presence of aggressive soil. The integrity of the system did not decrease. No failures were detected in the VISCOTAQ corrosion preventive system.”


“The VISCOTAQ coating system showed good resistance to accelerated weathering conditions. No cracking, no chemical deterioration, no undercreep corrosion, no sign of rusting, and no changes in color were observed.” 


“The VISCOTAQ system has proven to be an excellent barrier to the penetration of moisture and gases. Moreover VISCOTAQ shows a good resistance to mechanical impacts and shows no dripping behavior and unequal coating thicknesses at elevated temperatures due to its solid state”.

VISCOTAQ respects the privacy policy of private companies and therefore a full reference list with details is available upon request only. It is VISCOTAQ’s policy to contact its principals prior to the release of details of private lab or field tests to third parties. 

Please contact Edwin Welles at  or Leo van Beugen at for more details or a full reference list.