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We train our end users worldwide in house and on location
It has been the goal during the development of VISCOTAQ products to develop a product that can be applied failure free by applicants with a minimum of training.
Nevertheless VISCOTAQ advises and offers to their clients the possibility to follow a course in one of the VISCOTAQ training centers in The United States.
Training in one of the training centers 
In this course you will receive a decent training on the theoretical background of VISCOTAQ products as well as their applications. The theoretical part focuses on the technology behind VISCOTAQ products whereas the practical part of the course will train you on the typical applications of VISCOTAQ products and typical situations that you will encounter in the pipeline industry. Our VISCOTAQ training centers are equipped with state-of-the-art multi-media technology and equipment. VISCOTAQ instructors will instruct trainees in all type of applications with VISCOTAQ materials and the course ends with an exam and a VISCOTAQ applicator’s certificate. 
It is also possible to follow a course as a VISCOTAQ inspector. This course will turn you into a certified inspector and allows you to witness and approve VISCOTAQ applications on site. 

Training on site 
Of course it is also possible to receive a training on site or in the field. A certified VISCOTAQ instructor will than come over and train all your local staff on site. This course takes one day. Even if you want us to train us on remote locations we shall be glad to introduce your staff into the world of viscous elastic solutions.

Training to engineers 
In case you want to be able to train your personnel yourself, VISCOTAQ regular organizes a 2-days training course on different locations in the world. During these courses you will receive an extensive theoretical and practical background in VISCOTAQ viscous elastic technology. 
For detailed information of the VISCOTAQ training program you may contact Edwin Welles at